Sub Prime Products

Sub prime products are for people who do not fit high street lender’s lending criteria. This tends to be due to past credit problems such as missed payments, county court judgements or bankruptcy, which makes the borrower ineligible for standard mortgage deals. Sub prime products tend to have higher interest rates as the borrower is considered a higher risk.


Self-build Products

Self-build products are for people building their own property or renovation projects. Lenders usually release the money in stages as they assess the building progress throughout. Some will ask that you have the plot of land beforehand whereas others will provide lending for this too.


New build Products

New build properties can be great for people wanting to move up the property ladder. They tend to have fewer structural problems than an older house as well as allowing more personalisation over the interior design.

It is worth noting however, that not all lenders are willing to provide a mortgage for a new build property – flats in particular. Those that do offer deals for new builds tend to have certain limits on the overall amount you can borrow. You should ensure that you can secure a mortgage on the property before committing to anything. You could be entitled to apply for Government backed Help to Buy schemes.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.